Britta Stenmanns: upcoming artist-in-residence

Britta Stenmanns was born in Germany and now lives in the Southern Highlands, New South Wales. She studied graphic-design in Duesseldorf, woodcarving in Bavaria and painting at the School of Fine Arts in Bremen. Stenmanns’ artistic practice has taken her to London, Madrid, Deya Spain and Mexico City where she completed postgraduate studies at the Academia San Carlos. Stenmanns has held eight solo exhibitions and participated in numerous group exhibitions in Germany, Spain, Mexico, France, Poland, Belgium and Australia. Her work is represented in various private and public collections in Spain (George Sheridan Collection and La Resedencia), Poland (City of Glogow), Germany (City of Bremen), Australia (ANU) and USA.

Derived from sketches painted on site, my present body of work, ‘In between’, is based on a set of dynamic gestures using strong, emotive, contrasting colours and abstracted shapes to produce spaces suggestive of a garden.  My woodcarvings have their own integral narratives that I sometimes collage into my paintings. There is a dialogue between my works that aims to open a space of emotional reflection.

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Britta Stenmanns, FOBITU, 2007, installation, Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi