Kurt Sorensen: artist-in-residence June 2011

I have always wanted to create a series of photographs depicting the maritime stories surrounding the area from Newcastle to Port Stephens, and in particular the islands just of the coast. Gunyah offered me the perfect opportunity to begin this work.

Looking out to the water from the Gunyah kitchen, photo by Kath Fries

The house set on the water at North Arm Cove is a wonderful place to visit. My wife and I enjoyed cooking in the spacious kitchen, sitting by the open fire and looking out over the water views. The setting allowed me time to further research the events and areas that I wanted to photograph.  It was so inspiring that the amount of opportunities to create work out weighed the time I was there ten fold.

Gunyah is a wonderful place and I hope it continues to give artists of all disciplines the opportunity to create work in a beautiful, inspiring setting. I certainly hope to be back!

Kurt Sorensen 
artist-in-residence June 2011

To see Kurt Sorensen’s residency proposal please follow this link and for more information and images of his work please see www.kurtsorensen.com