Gordon & Madeleine K Snow: June/July 2012 artists-in-residence

Being school holidays we approached our Gunyah stay in a hands on way - with all the family working on drawings, paintings and sketches. Even when visiting the sites around the area we would stop to capture the view with a drawing.

Coming from a suburban landscape we enjoyed the shift in pace at North Arm Cove, seeing wallabies, looking out through trees, warm fires, and the gentle lapping of the water.  

...here is our visual response to our stay at North Arm Cove.  

Madeleine K & Gordon Snow at Gunyah
Gordon Snow, Gunyah Vantage, 2012, watercolour on paper
Madeleine K Snow, Beach, 2012, photograph
Gordon Snow, Gunyah Boat, 2012, watercolour and charcoal on paper
Madeleine K Snow, By the lake,  2012, charcoal rubbing on paper
Our studio outdoors at Bennet's beach
Louis Snow, Dinos, 2012, texta and pencil on paper
In the studio at Gunyah
Hannah Snow, Story, drawing and watercolour
Gordon Snow, Gunyah sunset view, 2012, photograph
Madeleine K Snow, Rear of Gunyah, 2012, watercolour on paper

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