Robyn Kinsela: artist-in-residence Sept 2012

Robyn Kinsela, The Bush IV, acrylic on canvas, Gunyah, 2012

Gunyah gave us some well needed chill time during which I did a lot of "thinking through drawing and painting"... here are some photos, drawings and paintings all in different stages of thought development.

Robyn Kinsela, Self portait studies, Gunyah 2012

Drawing is thinking.  I drew my husband, I drew myself, I drew our regular kookaburra visitors and I drew the bush. All while I cogitated as to HOW I would translate it into my language, the local environment with its sounds and textures.

Robyn Kinsela, Gunyah bush and ocean sketches, 2012

The opportunity to spend time at Gunyah was tremendously helpful as it allowed me to work through ideas without unwanted interruptions. We balanced our time between working and not working and ended up with a sense of achievement far beyond expectations.

Robyn Kinsela, Gunyah visitors, 2012

Photography, drawing, painting and reading were counterbalanced with sightseeing, walking and cycling. Our sojourns to Tea Gardens for seafood and coffee were enhanced by our quiet nights at Gunyah where we enjoyed good food and wine and a bit more painting and reading.

Robyn Kinsela, Gunyah bush sketches, 2012

It was peaceful without TV, and I appreciated the absence of artworks on the walls. Whether this has been a deliberate decision or not, it added to the peaceful ambience of the house and I could focus entirely upon my own ideas and images.

Robyn Kinsela, The Bush III, acrylic on canvas, Gunyah 2012 
Robyn Kinsela, The Bush II, acrylic on canvas, Gunyah 2012
Robyn Kinsela, The Bush I, acrylic on canvas, Gunyah 2012
Robyn Kinsela, The Light, acrylic on canvas, Gunyah 2012

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