Caelli Jo Brooker and Andy Devine: artists-in-residence October 2012

Andy and I participated in the Gunyah artist-in-residence program in late October 2012, looking on it as an opportunity to share a creative resting place. We came to the residency with plans for using our time towards existing exhibitions, but once there we were inspired to use the Gunyah setting as a starting point for new work instead.

Caelli Jo Brooker, Gunyah studio diary, October 2012

We didn't have to go too far for subject matter... I found myself translating the shapes of boat hulls, rope, aerial views, landforms, strands of seaweed, and clustered organic objects as macro and microcosmic parallels were revealed between local lines and forms. Andy recorded the shapes, silhouettes and shadows of the landmasses viewed across the water, and we combined our interpretations in collaborative painted panels and drawings. Printing plates were made for combination and resolution in the print room at a later stage, and pages were made for an artists' book. Once we found ways to integrate our contrasting approaches, this collaborative process became a significant outcome of our studio time at Gunyah, and we hope to exhibit the resulting work in the near future.

Andy Devine, Gunyah studio diary, October 2012

Gunyah itself is a real treat nestled in the bush, with views through trees to the water and plenty of retro architectural charm. The location affords unique opportunities for both social and solitary time and Andy and I spent time exploring the waterfront individually before the weather suggested we move back inside to the shared studio space. Here, away from work and distraction, we spent most of our studio time making and un-making each other's work in to new configurations, as we arranged and rearranged and passed painted panels back and forth. When our families joined us on the weekend, Gunyah was perfect for sharing meals and conversation around the big dining table. We very much appreciated our opportunity at Gunyah - to escape, experiment and explore making work in such a wonderful location.
Caelli Jo Brooker, October 2012

Caelli Jo Brooker and Andy Devine, Gunyah collaborative works in progress, October 2012

Caelli Jo Brooker and Andy Devine first became friends when they shared a studio during their post-graduate fine art studies at the University of Newcastle. Since then they have worked together on many projects as gallery committee members, curators and exhibition participants. They planned to use their Gunyah residency to build on this, strengthening and maintaining their artistic connections, to collaborate on work and recreate their supportive studio atmosphere for generating ideas, discussion and critique. For more information on Caelli's practice please see and for Andy's practice  see 
To read their Gunyah residence proposal please click on this link