Kim Percy and Morgan Williams: upcoming artists-in-residence

Kim Percy and Morgan Williams are practising artists and also work as graphic designers in Daylesford Victoria. They will be driving up to North Arm Cove with their two young sons, to be artists in residence at Gunyah in June.

Kim Percy, Traverse, 2007, (gallery view)

We are very excited about the opportunity to visit Gunyah and spend quality time absorbing the surrounds, the environment and the community and delve into our art practise. Between running our busy graphic design business we snatch precious moments to pursue our personal creative endeavours. Our work tends to shows glimmers of promise, a sparkle shinning and harassed by slow development. As a partnership we work on separate projects side by side. We use each other as inspiration and as a springboard then come together to discuss ideas before launching into a productive frenzy. The Gunyah residency will provide the breathing space to delve deeper into our practice.

Kim Percy, Current, 2011, (gallery view)

Kim Percy has been working with digital media over the past ten years, and now wants to return to her creative roots and rediscover working with her hands - to paint, draw, cut paste and print, using the surroundings as inspiration. Whilst at Gunyah she plans to extend her subject matter from water and sky, to find connections with earth, substance and nature - away from the light of a digital space and into the tangible.

Kim Percy, Red horizon 2, 2012, digital image and red acrylic, 72x80cm

Kim Percy: My digital photography is informed by a history of printmaking, drawing and in recent years, graphic design. I strive to subvert digital imaging, to blur the line between mediums. Printing on digital rag paper and softening and blending the tonal range the images take on a hand drawn effect shifting the viewers attention beyond the surface and into a space somewhere between art and experience. In 2007 I was privilege to be invited as part of the Main Program of the Daylesford Foto Biennale (now International Ballarat Foto Biennale). I create an installation exploring the history of Daylesford, gold mining and the chinese migrants living on the land that become Lake Daylesford. I floated a series of photos on the surface of the waters of Lake Daylesford. This year I exhibited a body of work called ‘Traverse’. In this exhibition I turned my attention to asylum seekers and their plight and experience at sea. By centring my work on the ocean and the sublime expanse of sky and water, I ask the viewer to imagine the environmental intensity of moving between countries on a boat through uncertainty, fear and unimaginable harrowing journey. Read more about Traverse

Kim Percy, Underwater, 2007, digital image, 50x80cm

Morgan Williams uses digital media and installation to explore human vanity, what is precious to us and the little stories that are told by all. Largely informed by multi-media he also looks for ways to subvert technology into a more physical and lo-fi interpretation. He often mixes animations created on smart phones and placing them into old books to form an intriguing juxtaposition that somehow makes sense of the speed and breath technology is growing. 

Morgan Williams, What is precious, 2007, photograph

Morgan Williams: My work has been about what makes us who we are. In 2007 as part of the Daylesford Foto Biennale, I installed a series of old photo viewers into an abandoned police lock-up. Within these viewers were slides. My question to those I photographed was ‘What is precious?’ The result was a very intiment and personal body of work. During my time at Gunyah I plan to explore story telling and expand my creative expression through questions about the human story. These may be collage or sculptual or even land art. 

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