Jacqui O’Reilly: artist-in-residence October 2013

Jacqui O'Reilly, Selfie in the Gunyah studio, 2013, photograph

In the morning when I wake up and listen to the sound of the birds outside on the roof, I try to ignore what the paper says and I try not to read all the news.
(Neil Young, It’s a dream)

Jacqui O'Reilly, Gunyah studio, 2013, photograph

My time in residence at Gunyah is summed up by these Neil Young lyrics. I slept in the loft in the wonderfully crafted wooden pole house that is Gunyah and listened to the gentle and slow sounds of North Arm Cove resonate throughout every morning and night. On one occasion I went to sleep to the sound of a big electrical storm above me and the open fire in the lounge below me. It was a sonic dream and a welcomed break from the information overload of Sydney that I am so accustomed to.

Jacqui O'Reilly, Sunset North Arm Cove, 2013, photograph

I used this space to experiment with the sound of my own voice, and set up a studio looking out onto bush and water. Here, surrounded by the acoustics of my work reverberating in the interior of the house, I recorded, sampled and synthesized my compositions in preparation of a self-released EP of ambient music using voice exclusively. It was a perfect environment to experiment in and focus on stillness and sound and creative expression.

Jacqui O'Reilly, Gunyah fire in the storm, 2013, photograph

I also submerged myself in the local region and was very spoilt to encounter a range of wildlife including a whale at Hawk’s Nest beach for a whole morning, dolphins in the cove, wallabies, hawks, pelicans and geckos. All this life energised me as did the coastline and the cove itself and I hope at least some of this energy may be heard in the work I achieved while at Gunyah.
Jacqui O’Reilly

Jacqui O'Reilly, Hawks Nest beach, 2013, photograph

Recording: Distance (work in progress), Jacqui O’Reilly, Gunyah, North Arm Cove

Jacqui O'Reilly is a Sydney based sound artist. Her practice includes, composition, performance, community facilitation and media arts. You can read Jacqui's residency proposal at www.gunyah.blogspot.com.au/2013/10/jacqui-oreilly-artist-in-residence.html and you can hear more of Jacqui's work on her Soundcloud page https://soundcloud.com/jacqui-oreilly