Gunyah artists-in-residence announced for 2014

Gunyah's new jetty, January 2014

There were nineteen applications for the 2014 Gunyah artists-in-residence program, but only eight spaces in the program. Artists from four states with range of collaborations and solo projects have been selected. Their practices include writing, curating, performance and theatre making, design, painting, drawing, photography, print, mixed media and installation.

2014 Gunyah artists-in-residence

Melinda Rackham
South Australia 
~ writer ~

Rilka Oakley
New South Wales 
~ curator ~

Karin Mainwaring and Michael Ramsden
New South Wales 
~ writer and painter ~

~ performance and theatre makers ~

Yvette Hamilton
New South Wales 
~ photographer ~

~ designers ~

Jo Grant and Sandra Winkworth
Victoria and New South Wales 
~ print and mixed media ~

~ installation artist ~

Reading on the jetty, January 2014

In other news, Gunyah's jetty and path is now finished - great for accessing the water and dolphin spotting. The 'new' second-hand library is also going well, with plenty of material for reading and a book exchange system - so you can leave an 'old' book behind and finish that 'new' book at home...

Gunyah dolphins, January 2014

Gunyah dolphins, January 2014