Belinda Smith and Dan Plummer: artists-in-residence August 2014

Plummer and Smith family drawing, Gunyah 2014

After a busy year juggling the demands of our growing design practice and our young family we were looking forward to our visit to Gunyah and a brief shift in focus. With no client or technical constraints this was a time to simply observe, to document in sketch and photograph and to involve our young children in the process. 

Plummer and Smith family drawings, Gunyah 2014

We arrived after 2 days of travel from Murwillumbah in northern New South Wales with great anticipation. 4 year old Martha and 2 year old Edith were keen to explore the place just as Dan and I were. Our days were filled with expeditions to the jetty for fishing and rock hopping along the shore, a bush walk, drawing and craft time in the afternoons and evenings, reading books and looking out for the wallabies and birds.

Plummer and Smith, Gunyah rain, 2014

The trees have such a strong presence at Gunyah. The bush setting, the natural landscape where wallabies and birds are welcome, the house of timber and the wood fuelled fire keeping us warm in the rainier days. The trees blew about in the wind, dripped with rain, blossomed with wattle and gave us shelter and shade.

Belinda Smith

Belinda Smith, Gunyah trees, 2014

We bought with us a book called ‘A manual on Drawing Trees and Foliage’ to add to the Gunyah library and a set of letter punches which I was unsure why I packed. As we started to settle into our wooded environment these seemingly disconnected things formed as an idea of a site specific artwork. With my letter punches in hand I headed out into the forest surrounding Gunyah and tapped out part of the books introduction onto the smooth trunk of a Eucalypt. 
“Imperceptibly trees wince at a coming blow and stretch themselves in the rising sun
Dan Plummer

Plummer and Smith, Gunyah fishing, 2014

Through the lens and a landscape architects eye - a series of frames that depict the texture and ambience of our stay at Gunyah.

Thank you for the opportunity.

Plummer and Smith, Gunyah wattle, 2014

You can see more of Belinda and Dan's work at and read their Gunyah proposal at

Plummer and Smith, Gunyah lines, 2014