Tracey Coutts: upcoming artist-in-residence

Tracey Coutts in her Geelong studio, 2016

Tracey Coutts is an artist based in Geelong, working with non-objective 2D constructions in print, digital media and painting. Tracey initially trained in interior design, then went on to study Visual Arts at Deakin University and she was awarded a Bachelor of Arts with Honours last year. Her practice continues to be influenced by drafting and technical drawing, focusing on structural lines and geometric forms. Tracey has exhibited across Australia including group shows at Langford 120 and Stephen McLaughlan Gallery in Melbourne; Factory 49 in Sydney and the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art (PICA). Tracey uses digital programs to extend non-objective ideas beyond a two dimensional platform to analyse the shifting of visual aspects into three dimensional perspectives.

Tracey Coutts, Black on black shapes, 2013, oil on marine ply

Tracey's work links thinking processes with industrial technologies, using technical equipment, commercial printers and design logic. The cubic grid has been a focus in Tracey's recent works examining the shift of dimensional depth, as the simplistic elements of the cube are dissected and connected. Using design principles and elements such as point, line and shape constructed in combination with perspective, repetitive and rhythmic patterning she creates works that offer a visual movement and dimensional depth, constructing volume beyond the picture plane.

Tracey Coutts, Tetrahedra series – 1, 2015
Inkjet print on cotton rag paper

During my residency at Gunyah I plan to work on a series of digital images that reflect the contrast in space and changing elements from an internal, man-made structure to the open outdoors. Elements that dominate in my current practice are non-objective and geometric in character, what gives the work a sense of space and form is the altering angles and use of perspective that builds a view. Generally the environment surrounding my practice is the built environment, it can be described as an inverted look from an internal setting into the digital expanse designing in a virtual area through the screen of the computer. While I'm at Gunyah I plan to work with the extended outlook and natural setting to incorporate the aired and open elements of the environment. Using design software, my processes will develop digitally across two-dimensional line drawings and three-dimensional graphic models. A combination of software programs would be used in combination to colour and detail the final images completed as prints.

Tracey Coutts, Woven box grid, 2014

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