Richard Glover: upcoming artist-in-residence

Richard Glover, photograph Australian Design Review 2017

Richard Glover is a photographer based in Sydney and London. His commissioned work is marked by a considered and pragmatic approach to illustrating the concepts and reality of architecture. Richard's exhibition projects investigate transitional phases of the built environment and are held in private and public collections including Art Gallery of NSW, Art Bank Australia and Tate Modern. He also teaches photography at University of Technology Sydney and the Australian Centre for Photography.
Recently, Richard has begun examining the natural landscape with fresh focus on the correlation between ‘designed’ and ‘natural’ landscapes. Such visual overlaps in man-altered landscapes are counterpointed with the discover of natural settings incorporating a perceived architectural foundation.

Richard Glover, Architecture in Landscape #L140--69, 2016, inject print, 110x50cm 

Richard’s work has been featured in Exit Magazine, Architectural Review, Blueprint, Art & Design, Independent on Sunday Review and Tate Magazine and in recent exhibitions at Sydney Architecture Festival, Arle Photography Festival and the 2016 Venice Architecture Biennale TIME-SPACE-EXISTENCE.

Richard Glover, Architecture in Landscape #L210-053, 2016, inject print, 110x50cm 

During my Gunyah residency I plan to further develop my photographic series of Architecture in Landscape. I am particularly interested in exploring the sand dunes north of Hawks Nest, coastal cliff faces and bush-land settings in the vicinity of the North Arm Cove.

Richard Glover, Architecture in Landscape #L140-068, 2016, inject print, 110x50cm 

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