Milan Ring: upcoming artist-in-residence

Milan Ring is a Sydney based musician whose 2014 Debut EP Glassy Eyes, caused the Sydney Morning Herald to name Milan the “Next Big Thing”. She garnered radio, press, media and industry support, performing at the Alicia Keys and John Legend Arena show and being whisked away to LA to meet with top of Universal Music Group at the time Zack Horowitz. Freshly returning to Australia from a mentorship in LA with Neff-U (Dr. Dre, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar), performances in Jakarta, Bali, NYC & LA, armed with a degree in sound engineering and a Universal Publishing deal, Milan is preparing for her second EP release, an international tour and a plethora of creative projects in 2017. 

Milan Live at SoulFest 2014, photo by Peter Dov 20 October 2014

Drawing on the rich influences of her Chinese, Indian and Australian heritage Milan has developed a strong sense of musicality that is uniquely her own, from vocal inflections and phrasing to innovative production, Milan's creative processes disentangle existing modes by constantly adapting to form new sounds, assemblages and lyrical tracks. Milan's music has been described as hypnotic, with its impossible electric guitar runs, her trademark sultry dreamscape voice and effortlessly interwoven synths & samples. When composing her songs Milan also makes the beats, plays the keys, synths, bass, records and mixes and is across the production of each of her songs. The Gibson endorsed artist fluidly moves between being a masterful lead guitarist, multi-instrumentalist to a singer, songwriter, producer and business woman. Whether for herself or writing and collaborating with other artists, Milan creates a brand of music that shimmies across the sensibilities of Electronic, R&B, Jazz and Hip Hop.
"Meet Milan, she is about to get a spoon, dig out a little spot in your heart and make herself comfortable ... her songs draw on life experiences, family relationships and stories from her years of working and growing up in Sydney’s Inner West, but her storytelling is often cryptic and open to interpretation. Topics like love, loss, depression, drugs and addiction weave through her words. Passages of rap-influenced double-time singing, mixed with strong and soulful hooks show the influence of the black music of North America, but her voice is still distinctly Australian." (Triple J Unearthed)
Milan Press Shot with Gibson, photo by Melissa Cowan, 16 March 2016

During my residency at Gunyah I plan to set up a recording studio in the lounge room, look out through those big windows and observe the trees and the birds. Sit on the balcony with my notepad and write poetry and lyrics. Go for bush walks, do my yoga down on the peer and meditate by the water. I will be starting work on my debut album and the beginning stages of any project is always the most exciting time, where ideas are all bouncing around, so to have a residency at this stage, means a change of environments allowing the space and freedom to create and explore ideas. I am so inspired by the Australian bush and the space at Gunyah, I think it adds something uniquely Australian to my music.

To hear some of Milan's music go to her website