Emma Medwell and Vanessa White: artists-in-residence July 2011

Emma Medwell working in the Gunyah studio, photo by Vanessa White
"Gunyah's artist-in-residency initiative is a valuable program. It allows artists to get away from their normal environments and have new experiences. This specific use of time and space feeds into an artist work, whether consciously or unconsciously. The richness of Gunyah's environment and friendly set up allows artists to immerse themselves quickly into a creative mind set."
Vanessa White, August 2011

Vanessa White working in the Gunyah Studio, photo by Emma Medwell

During their residency at Gunyah, Emma Medwell and Vanessa White developed individual new projects for their upcoming exhibitions in Wollongong. To read their residency proposal and see more images of their work go to
Emma Medwell working in the Gunyah studio,  photo by Vanessa White

Vanessa White working in the Gunyah Studio, photo by Emma Medwell

Gunyah studio, paintings by Vanessa White and Emma Medwell


The first four artists-in-residence told me they loved their time at Gunyah, it's so quiet and serene. I stayed at Gunyah briefly on the weekend and welcomed being back in this familiar peaceful place, a marked contrast to my busy noisy city home. 

John Fries plaque at Gunyah, photo by Kath Fries

It was nice to see Dad's plaque on the wall, it wasn't yet up a few months ago when I last visited. This week is the second anniversary of his death, still so sad and sorely missed. Gunyah holds many warm memories of him amongst family and friends. The second John Fries Memorial Art Prize will open next week at Viscopy, its wonderful that so many people loved, respected and remember him. I'm glad that we're able to share this special place through the Gunyah artist-in-residence program - it really reflects Dad's supportive nature, generous spirit and openness.

Kath Fries, August 2011

Gunyah waterfront, photo by Kath Fries