Residency report: Gabrielle Bates and Kassandra Bossell

Our time at The Gunyah was used to explore the tranquil intertidal zones along North Arm Cove, Karuah, Tea Gardens, Hawks Nest and Seal Rocks. Encounters with dolphins, kookaburras, pelicans, sea eagles and seals were among many highlights. Gentle walks up into the forested hills revealed much about Worrimi country, unfinished ancestral business and the slow “take-your-time” way the land and water reveal themselves for learning and healing. 

Gabrielle spent time on her “collaborations with nature” – working with oyster shells, seaweeds, grasses and rocks to create ephemeral offerings that remain only in photo documentation. She also worked on a new installation project involving stones found on her walks. Kassandra spent time writing a book chapter and presentation for an upcoming ClimeArt Conference in Wollongong. She also worked on developing new sculptural pieces using seaweed and heat formed plastic. Together we both worked on a new group performance titled “The Sleep Walkers” which will be part of the EDGE Festival in Sydney during August 2019.

Communing with all the diverse entities and histories of North Art Cove was confronting, but also a joy. We are deeply grateful to Kath Fries and The Gunyah Board for giving us the opportunity to spend time in such a magical, more-than-human place.
Gabrielle Bates & Kassandra Bossell, May 2019