2018 Gunyah AIR program

Thank you to everyone who applied for the 2018 Gunyah AIR program. 

Congratulations to the seven who have been selected for next year: 

May residency 
Shideh Faramand, Megan Riakos & Heidi Lee Douglas

June residency 
Nerine Martini & Paula Broom
Phillippa Murphy-Haste & Patrik Jarlestam 

August residency
Sylvia Griffin

September residency 
Christopher Mouder

October residency 
Sarah Newall & Jane Polkinghorne    

November residency 
Jane Richens

Gunyah waterfront and jetty, photo by Julie Pennington AIR May 2016 

Rochelle Haley: residency report November 2017

Rochelle Haley, North Arm Cove Beach, Gunyah residency November 2017

"The house and surrounds of Gunyah were immediately relaxing and reminded me a lot of growing up on the south coast of NSW. The 70s character and ‘handmade’ feel of the place had a welcoming and unexpected nostalgic presence – you can tell this is a place much loved by those who made it. All of this made an excellent environment to let go of regular work stress and open up space for creative thinking. The first few days of the residency I took really slowly - reading in the sun, walking through the bush, checking out the local and holiday houses nearby, swimming and watching wallabies.

The studio space had a fantastic view with lots of windows overlooking the bushy garden and water. I really enjoyed working in the space and watching the light change across the day. The second week of the residency was really productive - I finished a number of paintings and still had time for a swim or a long walk after. The paintings developed in a somewhat different way than I imagined they would – ending up with a much calmer blue/green palette and more simplified pulled back abstract forms. The last two painting were based on the geometric structure of the first two, with small variations and more formal elements edited out of the composition. I am really pleased with the progress of this work and look forward to continuing this series back in Sydney over the coming months.

The time and space of the Gunyah residency was much appreciated - thank you Kath Fries and the other Gunyah owners!"

Rochelle Haley
Gunyah residency report, November 2017

Rochelle Haley, The downstairs studio, Gunyah residency November 2017
Rochelle Haley, Paintings outside the studio, Gunyah residency November 2017
Rochelle Haley, Paintings outside the studio, Gunyah residency November 2017
Rochelle Haley, Paintings outside the studio, Gunyah residency November 2017
Rochelle Haley, Reading on the balcony, Gunyah residency November 2017
Rochelle Haley, Hyacinth-ordchid, Gunyah residency November 2017