Melinda Rackham: upcoming artist-in-residence

Melinda Rackham, Dreamworlds: curator's text, 2010, (extract)

Melinda Rackham is an writer, artist and curator, based in Adelaide, South Australia. Initially drawn to sculpture and performance, she became a pioneer of Australian Internet Art, exhibiting her online interactive art works at major global festivals and Biennials from 1995. Winning awards nationally and internationally, her artwork is represented in Media collections in Europe and the Americas; taught globally in University courses; and archived for posterity by Pandora in Australia and Cornell University, USA.

Melinda Rackham, Steampunk: gunpowder and cups of tea, 2010(extract)
Artlink, The Underground, Australia, vol 30 no 2,

Over the last decade, through roles such as Networked Art Curator at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) and Director of the Australian Network for Art and Technology (ANAT), Melinda has introduced interactive electronic art to wide audiences and opened up new arenas for artists working with Science and Emerging Technologies. More recently as Adjunct Professor of Media and Communications at RMIT University, Dr Rackham curated and researched mediated art forms in public spaces in China and Hong Kong.  She is currently writing a memoir focused on adoption and identity.

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I am currently writing my first novel - 'Attachment' - a memoir of my own adoption and of bearing a child at 15, also to be removed by adoption. The narrative oscillates across 55 years with a sense of fluid identity shaped by the double truncation of adoption.  The text intersects with fictions I have created in online virtual reality worlds, weaving a rich tapestry behind a deeply moving lived experience of singularity, grief and loss, common to the 150,000 Australian mothers who had babies taken often by unlawful and unethical practices from the 1950s to the 1970s. Being accomplished and settled in some areas of life, and an emerging writer working in a new genre is both a vulnerable and exciting juncture. I would appreciate the time and space at Gunyah to contemplate the progress of my new work and hopefully to unravel some knotty structural issues; to prune my increasingly branching narrative; and enhance the readability and accessibility of my memoir.
(Melinda Rackham, proposal for 2014 Gunyah residency)

Melinda Rackham, Coded Cloth, 2009, (extract)

To find out more about Melinda's work go to her website

Gunyah artists-in-residence announced for 2014

Gunyah's new jetty, January 2014

There were nineteen applications for the 2014 Gunyah artists-in-residence program, but only eight spaces in the program. Artists from four states with range of collaborations and solo projects have been selected. Their practices include writing, curating, performance and theatre making, design, painting, drawing, photography, print, mixed media and installation.

2014 Gunyah artists-in-residence

Melinda Rackham
South Australia 
~ writer ~

Rilka Oakley
New South Wales 
~ curator ~

Karin Mainwaring and Michael Ramsden
New South Wales 
~ writer and painter ~

~ performance and theatre makers ~

Yvette Hamilton
New South Wales 
~ photographer ~

~ designers ~

Jo Grant and Sandra Winkworth
Victoria and New South Wales 
~ print and mixed media ~

~ installation artist ~

Reading on the jetty, January 2014

In other news, Gunyah's jetty and path is now finished - great for accessing the water and dolphin spotting. The 'new' second-hand library is also going well, with plenty of material for reading and a book exchange system - so you can leave an 'old' book behind and finish that 'new' book at home...

Gunyah dolphins, January 2014

Gunyah dolphins, January 2014