Sally Adair: artist-in-residence October 2014

Sally Adair, Play with tracing paper, Gunyah 2014
Gunyah was such a blissful experience and a rare opportunity to combine a golden trio of family, art practice and relaxation time. We arrived, we unpacked and spent the entire time in this lovely place except for one brief outing to stock up on supplies.

Sally Adair, Cutouts, Gunyah 2014

Everything we needed was at Gunyah – a jetty to swim and fish off, a dingy to explore the surrounds by water, the perfect window seat and balcony to work, muse and read by and not to mention the light rich studio space below. Time slowed down a bit and I found myself being quite productive, having time to chill and play lots of games with the family.

Sally Adair, Ella and Tsuma, Gunyah 2014

The record player and vinyl were a hit and have inspired us to replace the stylus on our own. Queen’s ‘Killer Queen’ struck a particular cord with the kids.

Sally Adair, Holly with moon rise, Gunyah 2014

The weather was fantastic, not to mention some spectacular moon rises. What a wonderful legacy Gunyah is… and the lack of technology was a real bonus! It’s so important to have dedicated creative time and space especially when family can be involved too. Thank you Kath and the Gunyah crew for providing this opportunity!

Sally Adair, October 2014

Sally Adair, Balcony view, Gunyah 2014

You can find out more about Sally's practice here and on her website

Sally Adair, Gunyah at night, 2014

Jo Grant and Sandra Winkworth: September artists-in-residence

Jo Grant and Sandra Winkworth, Bowerbird watercolour, Gunyah 2014

Our time at Gunyah was so valuable and conducive to playing with ideas and making work. We talked so much about future projects and concepts and the atmosphere made it very easy to concentrate on our individual projects. Despite the beautiful surroundings, we barely made it out of the cabin, there was so much to do and inspiration was abundant. It was an incredible gift to be able to dedicate time and space to the practice of art. This is what Gunyah gives its artists in residence, time to focus amongst surroundings that inspire and relax the mind.

Jo Grant and Sandra Winkworth, Paper installation, Gunyah 2014

Jo Grant and Sandra Winkworth, Paper and window installation, Gunyah 2014
Jo Grant and Sandra Winkworth, Paper and window installation with wallaby, Gunyah 2014

In particular, at Gunyah we were able to further develop our upcoming collaborative installation in regional Victoria, which will be exhibited in December. We live in different states so the opportunity to come together and consolidate our ideas and processes for the project was wonderful and productive. A big thank you to the Fries family and Gunyah for making it possible.
Jo Grant
September 2014

Jo Grant and Sandra Winkworth, Watercolours and research, Gunyah 2014

For further information about Sandra's and Jo's practices, see Sandra’s blog Jo’s website, and you can read more about their collaboration here.

Jo Grant and Sandra Winkworth, Gunyah September 2014