Jacqui O'Reilly: upcoming artist-in-residence

Jacqui O'Reilly is a Sydney based sound artist. Her practice includes, composition, performance, community facilitation and media arts. She has presented her work in collaboration with a range of artists and on her own at Queen Street Studios Chippendale NSW; Performance Space Everleigh NSW; Electrofringe Newcastle; and Thinkspace, Powerhouse Museum, Sydney. You can listen to her work at www.soundcloud.com/jacqui-oreilly

At Gunyah, in the restorative silence of a bushland setting, I plan to produce new work based on my electronic music practice, using field recordings from the environment together with reflections and fragments from my folk music history, to create an intensive period of digital composition. Drawing on my current academic study in sound and media arts, I will undertake a process of collecting sounds and recollecting songs, melding the two within a particular context of retreat and sonic wilderness. This focus will emulate the sound cycles of daily life in a place of shelter. Recording the ambience inside the built environment, resonant in its architecture, and its history, together with capturing the sounds of the natural environment, will create the foundation of a soundscape, on which to draw references about contemplation, resolve and a historical love of writing and listening to music.

Emerge Outside 2010, Jacqui O’Reilly & Randolf Reimann, Performance Space

Emerge Outside 2010, engaged nine people in a two-day soundscape workshop, run by Jacqui O’Reilly & Randolf Reimann at Performance Space, Everleigh, February 2010. Using found sounds, modern synthesis techniques and performance art, a 30-minute soundscape was exhibited as part of the Clubhouse season. Funded by Regional Arts NSW to support collaboration with regional artist Randolf Reimann www.emergeoutside.wordpress.com

Emerge Outside Randwick 2012, aimed to break down and rebuild structures of sound, environment and collective existence. Working with members of the Randwick community, who contributed to the production of a sound installation through story telling, based on sounds recorded from their everyday lives. Three participants joined Jacqui O’Reilly to perform a live improvised soundscape using modern synthesis techniques that include a range of participants’ field recordings, spoken word and song derived from workshops and an eight week creative process. www.facebook.com/EmergeOutside2012