Milan Ring: residency report October 2017

Milan Ring, Gunyah residency October 2017.

My family and I had such a beautiful time at Gunyah. My mum, best friend Christina Bou and I celebrated Diwali - the Hindu festival of lights - we lit up the house with candles and mum cooked up lots of vegan family recipes. It was a perfect way to spend Diwali. I swum each day and went on many walks with my dog Nas. We painted, ate so much healthy food and I created a lot of new music. Truly living the dream we were. Gunyah is such an inspiring space, gazing over the top of my laptop at the trees and the water made me feel like the music was truly connected to nature. We saw many wallabies and joeys, and were lucky to see two dolphins swim right past the peer as we were standing on it! A huge thank you to the Gunyah team and family for sharing this incredible space.

Milan Ring with her mum, Trinka Mustard, and Christina Bou. Gunyah residency October 2017.
Milan Ring studio setup, Gunyah residency October 2017.
Dominic Kirk, Gunyah residency October 2017.
Milan Ring and Christina Bou, Gunyah residency October 2017.
Milan Ring, Venus Fly Trap, 2017,

Venus Fly Trap is a visual beat tape released though my label MXMAY. I worked on Venus Fly Trap in four locations; Los Angeles, Sydney City, Melbourne Macedon Ranges and Gunyah. I was very inspired by the contrast of these spaces and how ones environment effects ones work. Looking specifically at nature vs. man-made & analogue vs. digital.

Milan Ring
Gunyah Residency Report, October 2017