Venita Poblocki: artist-in-residence October 2015

Venita Poblocki, Curatorial residency at Gunyah. Day 1. Endless options... ‪#‎gunyahartists‬ ‪#‎northarmcove‬

The benefit in the self-directed Gunyah residency is having uninterrupted time and space. In contrast to my frenetic office job as a Curator, the days in North Arm Cove are long… in a really valuable way. In a welcome change of applying my mind to several different things at once, all in various stages, and being pulled in all directions, the residency offered opportunity for a single focus. It’s been so long since I can say I have truly had that. In my motivation to write and read texts that had been banking up by my bedside table, I developed a relaxed and indulgent daily routine only dictated by day/night and my dog. 

Venita Poblocki, Fallen Giants. ‪#‎gunyahartists‬ ‪#‎northarmcove‬, Gunyah Oct 2015‬

She and I would start our mornings by jogging along the few roads or the fire tracks marked out in the bush. Through this I learned the habits and lifestyles of the local residents, and probably they too of mine. With the fresh air that filled me every morning I also was immersing myself in the bush and in turn, it continued its impression on me. Time was there to really see things otherwise neglected in a busy city life. So many subtleties, nuances of place and this amazing landscape. My senses were piqued, like my dog’s. I think both she and I felt a wildness returning. She shaking off her canine domesticity and me realising again my profound need to reconnect and stay connected to the Australian bush that has been in my blood since birth.

Venita Poblocki, Twinkling water. ‪#‎gunyahartists‬ ‪#‎northarmcove, Gunyah Oct 2015‬

My days were spent writing overlooking the cove and watching sunlight dance on water or the ocean be bullied by the wind. I would break to munch or read on the balcony and watch the sky wars above between the colourful varieties of bolshy birds. Twice I was also treated to a low -flying air show of F-18 fighter planes in a simulated dog fight above me. The roar of their engines cutting through the natural soundscape and announcing their arrival. Then as suddenly as they appeared, they would bank and disappear back to the nearby air base. On the few rainy days I lay and read on the day bed from the safety of the house and watched the tall trees bend and lash about. At high tide, which was erratic (even the internet was at a loss to predict it!), the dog beckoned me down to the jetty to throw the stick in the ocean for her. Like a little jet engine, those short staffy legs powered back n forth, back n forth, back n forth. Pistons at full bore! Then I would return to resume my reading and writing, at my leisure, until it was time again continue my series of long walks around the streets to watch the sun peter out.

Venita Poblocki
October  2015

Venita Poblocki, An early morning visitor. ‪#‎gunyahartists‬ ‪#‎northarmcove‬ ‪#‎jellyfish‬, Gunyah Oct 2015‬