Sue Saxon: Gunyah artist-in-residence Sept 2011

Sue Saxon and daughter Lara working in the Gunyah studio.

Gunyah is a beautiful, comfortable generous house in a very pretty, private location. The studio has good light and is well situated.

Sue Saxon "egg-shelling" in the Gunyah studio.

I planned to draw, photograph and record birdlife in the Port Stephens district to build on a concurrent project conflating bird-watching and stereotyping. I hoped to observe the local birdlife and clarify the development of my project’s themes. 

Rainbow Lorikeets seen near Gunyah, photo Sue Saxon

When I arrived at Gunyah it was pouring and the wet weather continued for some days, which impeded my plans, but allowed time for drawing, egg-shelling and research by the fire. Once the rain and mist abated, I was able to do more of my planned work and explore the area and its birdlife.
Sue Saxon and daughter Lara "egg-shelling" in the Gunyah studio.

The time at Gunyah will contribute to the success of THE BONDI TWITCH project, which will be exhibited in August 2012. I appreciated the time to think and allow ideas to develop as the residency occurred after an extremely busy six-month period.

Currawong seen near Gunyah, photo by Sue Saxon

The Gunyah Residency is a great gift for artists! The physical and historic context of the house is very inspiring and is conducive to meditative work. 

(Sue Saxon,  October 2011)

Wallaby seen near Gunyah, photo by Sue Saxon

To read more about Sue Saxon's practice and see images of her work go to or to see her Gunyah residency proposal see Sue Saxon's Gunyah proposal.

Emily Valentine: artist-in-residence October 2011

"I have just returned from North Arm cove Near Hawkes Nest, 3 hours north of Sydney, where I enjoyed a short residency at Gunyah - a beautiful pole house by the water. There I worked on a photographic project which I hope to complete shortly. My friend, Wendy, joined me for the fortnight, and other friends visited for a night or two. It was great to be in such a glorious place and have a little R & R."
(Emily Valentine, 30 October 2011)

Emily Valentine, Catty Bird, 2011

Upon Emily's return to Sydney she discovered that she had been awarded the 2011 Cat Advocate Prize for her work Catty Bird (2011). The prize is donated by the Cat Clinic Vet in Willoughby, Sydney. Catty Bird forms part of the Mini Majors exhibition at Defiance Gallery, Newtown. 

For more information about Emily's work see her Gunyah residency proposal and her website