Into the Unknown: an exhibition by Gunyah's first artist-in-residence, Kurt Sorensen

The photographs in this exhibition are my interpretation of the relationship between the Australian landscape and early European settlement, directly referencing the inherent fears and anxieties that seem to permeate through their interactions. It is this influence that the Australian landscape had on the psyche of European settlers (an influence that I feel still exists today) that directs my photographic work.

In order to capture this anxiety I research historical stories from colonial history and then attempt to represent these events in my images. The stories researched are often momentous yet largely unknown. The photographs are a comment on the often-tragic attempts to control a wild and misunderstood landscape. They were created using large format film cameras and are taken at the approximate time of day that the event took place using available light sources.

Kurt Sorensen 

Into the Unknown, Kurt Sorensen, Solo Exhibition, 19 September - 14 October 2012
Dickerson Gallery: 34 Queen Street, Woollahra, Sydney NSW 2025

Into the Unknown, exhibition invitation, Kurt Sorensen

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