Upcoming artist-in-residence: LeAnne Vincent

LeAnne Vincent is a Queensland based contemporary art photographer, originally from Macksville, a small town on the Mid North Coast of NSW. She has a a Bachelor of Photography from Griffith University, as well as pursuing her career as a photomedia artist, she has also worked in public sector administration and travelled widely.

LeAnne Vincent, Space #5 (Arranged Spaces), 2011,
digital photographic print

Relocating to Ipswich Queensland in 2002, allowed her to study, establish her arts practice and engage with the local arts community, through which she established the Ipswich Contemporary Arts Network (ICAN) and the SWICH Contemporary Art Space. LeAnne has exhibited for the past 10 years in solo and group exhibitions and has achieved several awards. Although she still has a love for film and working in the darkroom, her art practice is now predominantly based in digital capture and the exploration of alternative digital processes, using social documentary and conceptual imagery to investigate themes of human behaviour, environmental issues, public and private spaces, and feminist theory. 

LeAnne Vincent, Fragment #5 (Fragments: what people leave behind), 2008,
photographic pigment print 

I'm looking forward to being close to the water at Gunyah - I’ve been living inland for approximately 12 years I have a strong desire to reconnect with the coastline once again and to respond visually through my arts practice. I grew up on a farm near Macksville on the Mid North Coast of NSW, where creeks, dams, rivers and the ocean were a fundamental part of my life and all in easy access.

LeAnne Vincent, Morning Fresh (Human being: rituals of gratification), 2012,
digital photographic print

Over the last couple of years my energy and enthusiasm for art has been directed towards creating a contemporary art space for emerging and established artists, rather than my personal art practice. I anticipate my days at Gunyah will rekindle my own work by exploring and photographing the local environment in detail, collecting discarded objects, and undertaking daytrips to the Port Stephens surrounds. My nights will see me reflecting on my experiences and objects collected allowing me to respond to the site and develop concepts further.

LeAnne Vincent, #3 (24/7: Perpetual Flux), 2010,
Type C photographic emulsion on canvas

Whilst at Gunyah, I anticipate creating a series of photographic still life images using found objects – juxtaposing engineered and organic materials with images of the landscape. This series would be informed by water and how it influences memory and familiarity through exploring evidence of human occupation in this natural environment. Ultimately, I will allow the landscape, wildlife and my experiences guide me and will allow my project to change and evolve. I believe that this residency will initiate further ideas for photographic projects and will be a starting point for a larger body of work on my return to Queensland.

LeAnne Vincent, Duck (Human being: rituals of gratification), 2012,
digital photographic print

You can see more of LeAnne's work on her website www.leannevincent.com.au