LeAnne Vincent: artist-in-residence May 2013

LeAnne Vincent, North Arm Cove sunrise, 2013, photograph

After road tripping down the coast from Ipswich, Queensland it was a welcome relief to arrive at such a peaceful haven at Port Stephens to begin two weeks of focusing solely on my arts practice.

LeAnne Vincent, Artist in residence at Gunyah, 2013, photograph

My goals were to photograph the Port Stephens surrounds, conduct research and complete new works for my current series, 'Screen Culture', develop new concepts, write grant applications and read some of those art books I’ve been collecting and never get a chance to read.

LeAnne Vincent, Artist in residence at Gunyah, 2013, photograph

As my current work is concerned with disconnection from nature, Gunyah was the perfect location for me to conduct research and to reconnect with the coastline, waterways and wildlife. The weather was spectacular while I was there, allowing me to spend many days on field trips photographing the gorgeous blue waterways, lakes and birds while at night I read, researched and processed images.

LeAnne Vincent, Artist in residence at Gunyah, 2013, photograph

During my stay I visited the 'Myall Community Art & Craft Centre' at Tea Gardens and met a number of the local artists working onsite and was given a tour through the complex and a rundown of all their courses and activities. I also managed a few trips down Newcastle way visiting the Hunter Botanic Gardens, the Hunter Wetlands Centre and the Newcastle Art Gallery.

LeAnne Vincent, Artist in residence at Gunyah, 2013, photograph

At the culmination of my stay I had achieved my initial goals, resolved a new concept for a solo show in Melbourne later this year and also left with many new ideas for future projects. The highlights of this location for me were watching the sunrise and dolphins from the water’s edge in the backyard and the uninterrupted peace and quiet. I’d again like to thank Kath Fries for allowing me this significant and re-energizing opportunity that will continue to inform my work.

LeAnne Vincent, May 2013

LeAnne Vincent, Gunyah waterfront North Arm Cove, 2013, photograph

You can read LeAnne's proposal for her Gunyah residency here and see more of LeAnne's work on her website www.leannevincent.com.au

LeAnne Vincent, Artist in residence at Gunyah, 2013, photograph