Yvette Hamilton: upcoming artist-in-residence

Yvette Hamilton, You're Here no.2, 2014, archival pigment print

Yvette Hamilton is a Sydney based artist working in photomedia, film, video and installation. She completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours at the College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales, Sydney, and is currently undertaking a Master of Fine Arts by research, at Sydney College of the Arts, University of Sydney. 

Yvette Hamilton, The Path of Totality, 2014,
solo exhibition at A-M Gallery Sydney

She has exhibited widely in Australia, at galleries such as Australian Centre for Photography, First Draft, Gaffa and The Centre for Contemporary Photography and she has also exhibited in London and Slovenia. In 2011, she co-curated 'Expanded Architecture' at Carriageworks in Sydney. In 2012 she was awarded residency at FraserStudios in Sydney, was a finalist in the Marrickville Contemporary Art Award was selected for the Blake Prize Director’s Cut exhibition. In 2013 she has two solo exhibitions in Sydney, ‘A Loved One Sleeping’ at Articulate as part of the Head On Festival and in ‘The Path of Totality’ in November at A-M Gallery. 

Yvette Hamilton, Dark of Lightness no.1, 2013,
animated lightbox with LED lights, microprocessor, duratrans

"My work focuses on the resonant links between place and consciousness, primarily concentrating on the ineffable, the immaterial and the temporal. My practice explores the porous boundaries between place and consciousness and the temporality inherent in the state of ‘being’ - a topography that encompasses the individual, the collective and the sense of human trace that is held in ‘place’."

Yvette Hamilton, Towards the Light, 2013, video installation

"The title of my current Masters Research project is, ‘Expanded Portraiture’. My aim for Expanded Portraiture is to interrogate the hemmed in boundaries of portraiture and to push the discipline outwards beyond the parameters of the face and body and to create an understanding of portraiture beyond the body, beyond the visual senses and beyond the likeness of specific people."

Yvette Hamilton, Light of Darkness no.2, 2013,
animated lightbox with LED lights, microprocessor, duratrans

"During my week at Gunyah I plan to immerse myself in developing my latest body of work, based around the notions of ‘Expanded Portraiture’, which will form a large part of my end of year exhibition at Sydney College of the Arts. I need to continue editing my new video piece and new sound piece, and also build lightboxes and an interactive robototic piece. The interactive piece is a collaborative effort with my partner Peter Danckwerts. As I have a young son, this residency would allow us to travel as a family, allow me to work solo during the days and will also allow my partner and I to immerse ourselves in creating the interactive piece in the evenings. Most importantly, this would afford us the space to plan out and create the technologically challenging new interactive work together without having to pack it away each night - our current collaborative practice ‘studio space’ is our kitchen table!"

Yvette Hamilton
To see more of Yvette's work go to www.yvettehamilton.com