Rhonda Pryor: upcoming artist-in-residence

Rhonda Pryor, Dispersed Accounts, 2014, copper mesh, deconstructed military uniforms, 
reclaimed woollen jumper, thread, approx. 120 x 200 cm

Rhonda Pryor is an artist based in Sydney, working with reclaimed materials, textiles, installation and photography to explore themes of memory and narrative. With a background in fashion design and production, Rhonda went on to study drawing and painting at the Julian Ashton Art School and UNSW College of Fine Arts, where she completed a Master of Fine Arts in 2012. Rhonda is particularly interested in the natural and inevitable deterioration of material and recollection, combined with the ability of handwritten text to convey emotion and character, as a way of reflecting on the role of memory in our contemporary world. 

Rhonda Pryor

Her most recent solo exhibition, Lines of Communication, was a body of work researched at the State Library of NSW and the Australian War Memorial, combining photographic imagery of original handwritten documents and vintage textiles, in an examination of emotion and written communication between servicemen and their loved ones from WW1 through to the Afghanistan conflict. Rhonda has also been a finalist in the 2013 North Sydney Art Prize, Willoughby Sculpture Prize, and Hidden Sculpture Walk, and was winner of the 2014 International Women’s Day Art Prize.

Rhonda Pryor, News,  2014, Archival pigment print on cotton rag,
silk & mohair yarn, hand stitching, 75 x 49 cm

"While at Gunyah, I intend to draw on the tranquil, contemplative aspects of the surroundings focusing on ‘being in nature’ and its meditative triggers. As my work has always had an undercurrent of place, belonging and attachment, I’d like to extend this concept to include the natural environment. Place has an important impact on our lives, I find it absorbing to discover links between people and places, and seek, and ultimately express, meaning within those relationships."

Rhonda Pryor, Testimonies, 2014, installation view at Lines of Communication exhibition,
Incinerator Art Space Willoughby, archival pigment print on polyester georgette, thread

Please visit Rhonda's website to see more of her work - www.rhondapryor.com