Marynes Avila: artist-in-residence June 2015

Marynes Avila, Working at Gunyah, June 2015

The Gunyah artist residency offered me a precious opportunity to reflect, explore and further expand my work. The contact with the land, the waters of North Arm Cove and the wonderful architecture of Gunyah house has been invaluable.

Marynes Avila, Gunyah nights, June 2015

I used Gunyah’s studio and house to ponder and to develop new projects. During my residency the weather was sunny and warm and I spent several hours a day exploring the local region. The outcome of my investigation was an extensive new body of work including thousands of digital photographs, digital micro photographs and a series of site specific temporal installations as a response to the surrounding landscape, in particular the amazing sand dunes at Dark Point.

Marynes Avila, Si02 - Echo III, June 2015

The works entitled ‘SiO2’ and  ‘SiO2, Echo I’ SiO2, Echo II’ and ‘SiO2, Echo III’ are tackled in a macro and microcosmic way. They make use of mirrors (found at Gunyah) and sand to extend on the concept of multiplicity’s complexities.  

Marynes Avila, Si02, digital micro photographs (sand grains under the microscope), June 2015

‘SiO2’ takes us through a journey of multiplicity not perceived by the naked eye. Exploring sand grains under the microscope, the outcome unveils the unperceived beauty that surrounds us all and confirms we are the sum of a myriad of particles in a complex universe of multiples. Each sand grain is unique and completely different.

Marynes Avila, Si02 - Echo I, June 2015

The works ‘SiO2, Echo I’, ‘SiO2, Echo II’ and ‘SiO2, Echo III’ reflect on the concept of multiplicity and the estimate that the total number of all the sand grains on the planet could be approximately 2000 billion, billion. Utilizing mirrors, these site-specific installations simultaneously denote the dunes’ magnificent details and emphasize the importance of each sand grain to form the Dark Point’s dunes.

Marynes Avila, Si02 - Echo II, June 2015

The series of digital photographs entitled ‘Gunyah’s Dusk’, ‘Gunyah’s Nights’ and ‘Gunyah’s First Light’ are the result of hours of my contemplation at Gunyah’s waterfront. The effect of the light reflected on the water at different times of the day mesmerized me.

Marynes Avila, Gunyah's first light, June 2015

The Gunyah Residency has enriched my current practice and the experiences at Gunyah will certainly informed my future artistic endeavours.

Marynes Avila, Gunyah's dusk, June 2015

Thanks to Kath Fries and the Gunyah Board for their generosity and for providing me
with such a fascinating and unique opportunity.

Marynes Avila       

Marynes Avila, Gunyah's visitor, June 2015