The Operative - Kelly Robson & Dan Hollier: artists-in-residence August 2015

We arrived at Gunyah on a sunny afternoon and were struck by the view and how lovely the house is. We were so excited to call it home for the next week. 

Kelly Robson & Dan Hollier, Gunyah view, August 2015

First things first, we unpacked the car. It felt like we had brought literally everything but the kitchen sink! But we were determined to not have to leave for any supplies, and with an almost-two-year-old, we thought better to have too much than too little! Seriously though - packing and unpacking was a two hour exercise in itself!

Kelly Robson & Dan Hollier, Car and dog, August 2015

Whilst familiarising ourselves with the place, Miss O decided that a spot of sweeping was in order. A professional procrastinator in the making.

Kelly Robson & Dan Hollier, Sweeping with Olive, August 2015

It rained for a few of the days we were there, with lightning even striking the house once and causing all the lights to go out. A bit of excitement for the day! Just a flick of the switch on the power-board and everything was all back to normal again though luckily. 

Kelly Robson & Dan Hollier, Gunyah rain, August 2015

As hoped, we were able to focus on all things THE OPERATIVE, and it was the perfect environment and opportunity to sit down and discuss projects that we're working on currently, and to workshop how we can distill what it is we want to provide through our company, and how to best communicate our range of services to those that need it. Excitingly, we also tweaked a few things on our new website which is now live!

Kelly Robson & Dan Hollier, The Operative website goes live, August 2015

Of course, when we saw an old advertisement on the kitchen cork-board with directions to the TALLEST *KNOWN* TREE IN NSW we couldn't resist a drive down the road to go and bask in its distinguished glory.

Kelly Robson & Dan Hollier, Tree walk, August 2015

All in all, a very special stay. Thank you to Kath and the Gunyah owners.

Kelly, Dan & Olive