Rebecca Waterstone: artist-in-residence Nov 2016

Rebecca Waterstone working in the Gunyah studio, Nov 2016

"As I come to the end of my time here, I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to step out of the busy-ness of daily life, to have quiet time, and a natural, nurturing environment to think and work in. The experience has supported and enlivened my artistic practice, as well as given me some much-needed respite. 

Rebecca Waterstone working in the Gunyah studio, Nov 2016

I have found the experience particularly valuable in terms of consolidating ideas that have been floating around for a while – the quiet space, without distractions, or pressure to produce – has allowed a clarity of thinking that has not been possible in normal daily life.

Rebecca Waterstone, Working in progress i, Gunyah 2016 

There was plenty of messing about with new media, thinking, and doing my best to remember 'failure' is just a part of the process and is actually very helpful!

Rebecca Waterstone, Working in progress ii, Gunyah 2016

I have particularly benefited from the chance to resolve ideas for a few exhibitions next year, and to outline plans for these.

Rebecca Waterstone, Works in progress in the Gunyah studio, Nov 2016

Gunyah is a wonderful place and I highly recommend it to all creative people in need of space and time to work."

Rebecca Waterstone
Gunyah residency report
November 2016